iPhone Wallpapers Tumblr- Full HD Resolution

Do you have an iPhone and you are bored of the built-in collection of your phone? definitely, you will be because we all get bored of looking at the same thing again and again. Life is nothing without innovation and it is in human psyche to have something new in life. change comes with small things and a mobile phone display can be the start. So bring change in your life with iPhone wallpapers Tumblr.

Here is  a collection of some unique iPhone wallpapers Tumblr for everyone. You can select any one of the wallpapers that suits you best. Or you can also keep the whole collection in your phone to change your wallpaper any time you want. You can easily save all these pictures to use later.

iPhone Wallpapers Tumblr

iPhone wallpapers Tumblr

Locked. Don’t Touch! That is probably a warning from you for all those who peek into your phone. So, keep the intruders at bay with this perfect wallpaper.

iPhone wallpapers Tumblr

Isn’t it the best way to keep you motivated towards reading and writing? SO, where are all the literary people? Save it quickly.

If you are a foodie and love eating donuts, go nowhere else but stop here and save the picture to your Gallery to have a look at it whenever you feel down.

A beach, sea, evening, and palm trees bring the best serene vibes. So, feel the serenity of the vibe whenever you look at your phone.

iPhone wallpapers Tumblr

It is okay to not feel okay all the time. Here is an iPhone wallpaper Tumblr for the heartbroken people.


Want to do a prank on your parents or your friends? This broken screen wallpaper will make them skip a heart beat for a second.

iPhone wallpapers Tumblr

Self Love is the best love. So, put it as your iPhone wallpaper to keep reminding yourself to love yourself.

Stay inspired. Keep a look around yourself to get inspiration from the nature and people around you. Whenever you feel demotivated, look at your phone screen.

A city of lights. No  matter how crowded it is, a city is always fun.

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