iPhone wallpapers for Girls Download for Free

Are you sick of looking at the same phone screen over and over again? If you own an iPhone and you are a girl with ever-changing mood swings, you are at the right place. We girls could never settle for one thing forever. We always need something better which is up to the trend and follows our mood swings.  Sometimes we are all cute and innocent, the other times, we are sassy and liveliest. Our phone display is of great importance to show our mood. So, girls spend a lot of time on Pinterest or Google to find the perfect iPhone wallpapers for girls. This is quite time-taking because there are thousands of options which make our choice difficult.

Phones usually have a built-in wallpaper gallery but they are too boring for the girls. They are either boring, dull or solid-colored wallpapers that do not attract. So, we need to find another wallpaper to make our phone more customized. This is possible because the latest iPhone IOS 14 has allowed people to customize the wallpaper. Internet is stormed with a lot of iPhone wallpapers for girls but the choice is difficult. Sometimes, we may like a picture but the size and quality may not be appropriate which makes us end up in disappointment.

So, all the girls out there!!! don’t worry. We have got you covered with the best iPhone wallpapers for girls. you can get all types from cute iPhone wallpapers, girly, freaky, and aesthetic pictures for your home screen that you can watch all day while you have your phone in your hand. You can easily download the pictures from this site and set them as your wallpaper. So keep scrolling and save the best for your phone and keep the rest for later.

Girls can do anything

Girls are the best. Once determined, they could do anything for themselves without having the need for someone’s help. This wallpaper is for an everyday reminder for thegirls.

iPhone wallpapers for girls

Don’t stop girl

A Friendly reminder to all the ambitious irl whenever they turn on their screens. So, girls keep working hard until you are proud of yourself.


For girls who want to live life without thinking what others say. So keep going girls. Do what you want. Live Free and happy.

BTS Fans

Girls are crazy about this Korean music band, BTS. So, here is one of the iPhone wallpapers for girls fans of BTS.


No one to spoil you by calling you a babygirl? Your phone can do it for you. download this wallpaper and get the babygirl vibes.

Rose and Sky

A rose and Sky is a perfect combination. isn’t it? Bring any girl that does not like roses and sky. So, here is a wallpaper for the girls.

iPhone wallpapers for girls

You’re an Angel

Don’t forget the good in you. Download this wallpaper and keep your sparkling angel spirit high.

Dreams over boys

You don’t need a man to do everything for you. You are enough for yourself. So, keep chasing your dreams, be ambitious, smart, independent, and free. The boys will drool over you.

iPhone wallpapers for girls

In Your own Universe

We have our own universe in our mind that stays hidden in our phone.

iPhone wallpapers for girls


Don’t touch my phone! a warning on the display may keep the intruders away. So, go on and download this wallpaper for free.

iPhone wallpapers for girls

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